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Who is that smooth criminal??

The author of this blog is many things: sports enthusiast, son, Temple University graduate, restaurant lifer, dreamer, and most importantly father. It is my hope that through this blog, the readers can learn a little more about all of those different aspects of my personality, as well as maybe share some of their own experiences and insight.

As for the more formal introduction, here it goes: Will Negron was born Wilfred Negron Jr., on July 10, 1979, at Booth Maternity Hospital, which used to be located on the present day campus of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Over the following 30+ (ugh!) years, he has had many triumphs, mostly due to unbelievably supportive parents, and perhaps even more missteps, mostly due to his own inability to get out of his own way.

He has traveled the world (Australia, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, Spain, France), and sung with incredible people (Luciano Pavarotti, Philadelphia Orchestra) in incredible places (Westminster Abbey, Sydney Opera House, 1993 World Series). He has also

My little goofball

wandered aimlessly through life trying to find his place in it.

He has earned academic honors in nearly every facet of his life (National Hispanic Scholar, admission to Georgetown University, 4.0 GPA at Temple), and yet decided on the 4 university, 15 year path to an eventual degree in Communications.

He almost assuredly knows more about sports than anyone who is reading this, and yet hasn’t the clue what to do with this vast collection of information.

He was surprised with the gift of fatherhood in 2003, fearing he was not ready to take care of someone when he couldn’t take care of himself. He now understands after 8 incredible years with his beautiful daughter Alycia that very few are truly ready for the blessing that is a child, but only a fool would not be swept up by the unconditional love in their eyes, and the lessons that come from finally loving someone more than yourself.

He is a dreamer and an optimist, who often has a pessimistic outlook. He is a realist who lives in a fantasy world.

He is finally embracing a goal by pursuing a career in radio, and other multimedia outlets, where he can hopefully share his joy for sports, his daughter, and the other quirky things in life, and make a connection with enough other people that they might actually pay to hear or read his thoughts.

He is all of these things and more, and hopes you won’t judge him for who he is, even though he probably doesn’t care what you think.


                                        World Series celebration… Finally


5 responses to “Behind The Thrill

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  2. Jessica Macgillivray

    I had no idea about this…this is amazing will.

  3. John Mitchell

    No one cares. At. All.

    • Apparently, you do John. Enough to seek out the site and leave a sour comment anyway. You should browse through the material – see what logical, intelligent writing looks like. Thanks for visiting!!

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