Road to Recovery

So it’s been a while since my last post – 21 days to be exact. I never intended to go three weeks without writing, but it’s amazing how life intrudes, and before you know it, nearly a month has gone by. My original disruption was due to my graduation from Temple University on February 3. Yes, the 15 year plan finally came to fruition, and I deservedly took a couple of days to enjoy a moment that took me entirely too long to realize. However, I wouldn’t have allowed myself that mini break if I had fully understood how busy I would be over the next couple weeks.

My mother had knee replacement surgery the following Monday; running to the hospital every day to check on Mom, and running errands involving her impending move into my home took up a bit more of my time than I anticipated. That’s right – while I often welcome readers into “my home” here, Mom is literally living at the Home of The Thrill – for the next 3 months. Throw in Valentine’s Day, and an increased workload, and POOF – three weeks had slipped by and Ty Webb was asking me if the blog was dead.

Well I’m here to tell you it is not. Now that Mom is resting comfortably in The Home of The Thrill, I can get back to dazzling everyone with my take on the sports world. Much has happened over the last few weeks, including the Super Bowl, NHL trade whirlwinds brewing, the midway point of the NBA season, and the start of a whole sport season as pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Production will be ramped up a bit over the next few days as I touch on some topics I haven’t been able to discuss, and starting on February 27 (next Monday), I will be covering one MLB team a day leading up to the Phillies opening game on April 5. I’ll start in the American League out west, and will cover each division over the course of a week , starting with the last place team and picking my division winners on Fridays. Other than baseball hysteria, which in Philadelphia has now been taken to ridiculous proportions, I’ll also have plenty on the NFL free agency period and draft, college basketball’s run to March Madness (best month of the year), and both the NBA and NHL’s trade deadline activity, and playoff pushes.

But enough about what I’m going to do – it’s about time I just started doing it.


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