This week’s agenda

I apologize for the extended vacation. Turns out a holiday weekend combined with a double on Tuesday is not so good for churning out columns. Due to my job waiting tables, the most profitable nights to work are obviously on the weekends; as a result, I don’t often get to plan outings with my daughter, even on the weekends when she is with me (not to mention my girlfriend who is still reminding me of the Friday night I took off work to go to the Sixers opener-without her.) So I took advantage of Monday’s holiday to spend the day with the two of them – a day trip to the Franklin Institute, followed up by a nice dinner and the last few episodes of the first season of The Wire (the greatest show of all time – this is not debatable).

All of which means, I am woefully behind on the blog this week. So here’s what I have in store this week. Today, I’ll take a look at the state of the Phillies, including yesterday’s agreement to a one year $15 million dollar deal with Cole Hamels. I’ll give you a hint on how I feel about this upcoming Phils’ season: as Jimmy Rollins says in the Sportscenter commercial, “It’s not good.”

Also on the agenda, a look at whether the Sixers should be interested in Dwight Howard, an examination of the 20 finalists for the U.S. Olympic team, and a piece discussing the evolution of the tight end as the most recent unstoppable weapon in football. Friday, I’ll look ahead to this week’s championship games, and include some thoughts about last week’s games ( which I was pretty dead on about other than that disaster of a Packers/Giants game).

All of this will be produced sometime around picking up my daughter from school, heading to Temple to get my cap and gown, catching the Temple women’s game, and heading down to the Wells Fargo Center to see my Sixers play the Nuggets tonight. Why? Because I love you. Not really, it’s mostly because I like the sound of my own voice pouring off the page. Stay tuned.


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