Family Feud

My family, particularly on my father’s side, loves a good argument. Hey, I get it honest. So it was no surprise that, despite the column only being a little over a week old, one of them expressed a different view point than me on a popular topic: Tim Tebow.

So I invited my cousin to The Home of The Thrill to take part in a little He said/He said. “The Heir to the Throne”, as he shall now be known, is intelligent, well spoken, and highly respected by my entire family. If you knew my family better, you would understand just how remarkable a feat that is. Every generation in my Dad’s family, and probably yours too, has its own spokesman, if you will. Someone who is the unquestioned leader of the pack; the person everyone goes to for help or answers. It’s not quite my generation’s turn yet, as my father’s generation still looms large, but there is no question that, when our time comes, The Heir will slip seamlessly into the role of family patriarch. Deservedly so, I might add.

Welcome to my Home cuz; family is always welcome. Just try not to show me up while you’re here.

(note: having trouble with the nesting feature on the site. Until it’s fixed, you can find the He said/He said piece here.)


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