My absence and looking ahead

Thanks to anyone who checked in yesterday to see if there was anything new posted; I apologize for not writing a column. I know I guaranteed at least one column every day, but to be perfectly honest, nothing moved me yesterday. I contemplated several different topics, but I didn’t feel any of them were all that interesting. Finally, I decided not to force a column just for the sake of writing one; I’ve received many nice compliments over the quality of the writing here, and I don’t want it to suffer because I’m trying to write on something I don’t feel passionate about. Also, it’s not as if I’ve been lazy (well when it comes to writing anyway); most of my columns have been between 1200-2000 words each, with more than one a day many times.

So I took the day to try and drum up a little more business. I created a separate fan page for the site on Facebook; you can now “like” The Home of The Thrill on Facebook, where you’ll receive any links, news, or info on the site. I also attempted to gain followers on Twitter by tweeting some articles with popular hash tags at several known sports writers, both locally and nationally. To those of you that have Twitter, you can follow me @Home of The Thrill, which automatically sends out links to any new columns. And this is where it gets a little uncomfortable for me, since self promotion is not something I particularly enjoy. If you enjoy what you read here on a regular basis, or even one particular column, please retweet my twitter handle, or repost on Facebook. Many people I know have kindly text or let me know in person how much they like the blog; I appreciate the support immensely. But to get my readership to grow, I need referrals outside my own social circle.

Enough with that. Coming today, I’m putting up one HUGE NFL playoff preview column, instead of waiting until the day of the games. I noticed readership dips noticeably on weekends, so I want to get this one out ASAP. If you do check back over the weekend, you’ll find the latest edition of He said/He said; a certain family member and I will debate the omnipresent Tim Tebow. You’ll also find reviews on both sets of games each night.

Thanks for reading.


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