Welcoming another guest into my Home

Later this evening I’ll explore the reasons why the Sixers get no love in the City of Brotherly Love. But first, I’d like to welcome another contributor to the blog – we’ll call him Vanilla Blunder because in his own words, “I love to play sports but I completely lack the skill to play any of them.”

I went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting with VB back in the winter of 2007. Aside from the money they steal from their students, CSB did provide me with several valuable contacts, both students and instructors. I haven’t seen VB since we finished our course together, but we occasionally stay in touch on Facebook due to our love of the Sixers and other Philly teams. He’d been following the blog and asked me if I minded if he contributed a piece. As I’ve said, I welcome work from other contributors, so Vanilla Blunder joins The Protege as welcome guests at The Home of the Thrill.

Vanilla Blunder’s debut piece is centered around another figure that Philadelphia refuses to love: Sixers wingman Andre Iguodala. Since I had planned the Sixers piece for tonight, I told him it would fit perfectly as a side piece. He told me he hadn’t written in ages; I was so pleasantly surprised with his effort that I hope he it’s not too long before he writes again. Enjoy.


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