Sixers opener tickets secured…finally


So, I made the mistake of waiting until this morning to buy my tickets for tonight’s Sixers opener. I needed 3 – one for myself, one for the lovely lady that graced last night’s post, and one for one of my best friends, who will be known as Bishop . As I stated when I first started this blog, all acquaintances of mine will be known by nickname only, to protect them – not for privacy reasons as much as so people don’t know they actually associate with me. I have one more nickname to introduce, and then I will explain both at once.

Well, I had to wait until I had tonight’s shift covered, which didn’t happen until late Wednesday night. And if you read last night’s blog, you know I was tied up all day yesterday too. By the time the Bishop tried purchasing tickets this morning, they were almost gone – nothing but $150 tickets available in the lower level. Considering I don’t get paid to entertain you with my musings yet, and waiting tables in Media isn’t a premium service, that wasn’t happening. Does prove that Sixers CEO Adam Arom waged an effective twitter campaign over these last two weeks. Maybe I should try that – follow me at @HomeoftheThrill.

As I resigned myself to the fact that I’d be overpaying for tickets on Stubhub, our other good friend, Ty Webb, chimed in on the three-way text conversation we maintain via IPhone. Now some of you may remember Ty as Chevy Chase’s character in the Caddyshack movies. He’s a scratch golfer, goofy, quirky, has money, an extremely dry wit, and tends to separate himself. In other words, he’s a ringer for my good friend who works downtown in a big-time law firm. In an effort to maintain the Caddyshack theme since the three of us love to golf together, my other friend’s nickname is derived from the Bishop who goes out to play in a thunderstorm, plays the round of his life, and then curses God upon missing his last putt. Needless to say, our Bishop is a perfectionist on the golf course and elsewhere, and occasionally has a tiny temper issue on the course. Then again, I’m the one who threw his pitching wedge into a lake in a fit of rage once, and who broke a driver against his cart last year, so who am I to judge?

Anyway, Ty chimed in that he may be able to get us tickets, so we should hold off on purchasing them temporarily. An hour later he came through with two tickets: section 102, row 8, WITH a parking pass, $139 face value each – FOR FREE. As we thanked him for coming up big, he was more excited about the box of Pro V-1 Titleist golf balls that his secretary scooped up with the tickets.

So wait, didn’t I need THREE tickets? Well let’s just say it’s an awfully good thing someone had a very nice Christmas, and had company during her wait in the ER yesterday. Even so, I’m on the hook big time and I know it. Aren’t we all though fellas?

Stop by to say hi if you’re headed to the game. I’ll be the guy plowing through $1 hot dogs, in the Show Ya Luv T-shirt who clearly doesn’t belong in that section.


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  1. dan

    I’ll be lower area of the top bowl center court bro. I have a good feeling about tonight

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