Adding a new element

From time to time, I’d like to have guest bloggers write, whether it be in a pro/con format in opposition to me, or in a stand alone piece. I feel as if this will keep things fresh and interesting, as well as provide a different point of view so my readers don’t get sick of hearing my rantings.

Today will mark the debut of He said/He said (kind of sexist I know, but I’ll change it if I ever have a female guest blogger). My guest will be someone I hope will be a regular contributor: The Protege. The nickname is not meant as a slight or to infer this good friend is less talented than me. Quite the opposite.

The Protege is extremely talented and versatile, in every form of media, both on air and in production. I had the good fortune of meeting him in my final semester at Temple, as we shared several classes and were placed in the same sports practicum group, in which we created a a 20 minute sportscast biweekly. The nickname stems from the fact that The Protege reminds me of myself at the same age…only with more drive. The eerie similarities range from our obsession with sports and desire to work in sports media, to the fact that we both had children at a young age, to our tendency to procrastinate and cruise by on our natural ability. We learned a lot from each other in a semester: I learned a ton about TV production from the more experienced Protege, and he learned that if he was going to be a slacker, he needed to learn some of the tricks of the trade I’ve picked up on my collegiate odyssey to excel at it. He also learned Richie’s breakfast wraps are incredible.

Tonight, The Protege and I will debate the merits of Temple star running back Bernard Pierce’s decision to enter the NFL draft. The Protege and I debated the topic after I broke the news to him last night, and the first edition of He said/He said was born. He thinks… Well, I’ll let you read what we think.

Post will go up whenever The Protege finally sends me his side of the argument (hurry up slacker).


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