Where have you been and why should I read what you have to say?

I’m a slacker. I won’t bore you with tales of my busy life, or pretend that finishing my studies at Temple overwhelmed me SO MUCH, that I had to abandon writing for 18 months. Somewhere in that flowery and paradoxical bio on the other page, I should have mentioned the fact that I occassionally need a kick in the rear end to bring the best out of me. Or maybe it was inferred and got lost amidst my attempts to be smooth and witty. Either way, I have no valid excuse for my extended hiatus, so I won’t bother to insult your intelligence and make something up. Because that’s what I’m looking for here at The Home of the Thrill: intelligent readers and sports fans that are willing to go past the typical rhetoric heard/read in many sports discussion formats. 

Now I’m not suggesting that I won’t go on the occassional tirade or rant; in fact I consider myself to be a premier ranter that can be provoked by the most trivial nonsense. And writing on a daily basis, maybe multiple times a day, may not allow me to always take a deep breath before throwing a fit. But even when angry, I tend to still write well, only with added intensity so maybe that will be a positive. In this town, there will be definitely be plenty of opportunities to test that theory out for sure.

But what I can promise is this: whether it’s angry and short sighted, or carefully planned out and executed, the emotions and thoughts found here will be 100% genuine. I hope my readers get to know me and come to appreciate my passion for sports and discussing them. Whether they like me or not is an entirely different story; I won’t set the bar quite that high.

Anyway, I apologize for slacking off, thank you for taking the time to check back in, and welcome you to my home: The Home of the Thrill. Make yourselves comfortable and visit as often as you like.


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