The magic number

For those Flyers fans out there that are finally on board and believing in the comeback I predicted a week ago, welcome back. And thanks for proving me right again, by coming through and giving the Flyers one of their best crowds of the season in Game 6 to help carry the boys to a win.

As you know, I think the Flyers will put themselves in the history books tonight by finishing off the comeback, for several reasons. The first and most obvious is momentum; the Flyers have now dominated the play for 6 straight periods and it hasn’t even been all that competitive. There’s even an argument to be made that they also dominated the first two periods of Game 3 only to trail 2-1 and eventually fall into the 3-0 series hole. I don’t believe a situation like that will arise tonight due to my second reason; not only are the Flyers playing with confidence and momentum, but the Bruins look dead in the water. The injuries to David Krejci and Marco Sturm are finally taking their toll as Boston is desparately looking for offense, while the return of Simon Gagne gave the Flyers some much needed punch behind Mike Richards and Danny Briere. 

Finally, for those of you that are superstitious and like using  numbers as signs of good luck or bad omens, the Flyers have a pretty significant number in their favor tonight, and I feel like I haven’t heard it talked about enough. A successful comeback from a 3-0 series deficit has only happened twice in NHL history. The New York Islanders were the last team to accomplish the feat in 1975. They almost did it twice in fact, coming back from a 3-0 deficit in the next round as well before finally falling to……the Flyers. The Flyers went on to win the Stanley Cup in 1975, the last time they did so. Quite the coincidence huh?

If that’s enough to get you fired up, I’ll leave you with this link to Flyers winger and NHL’s toughest guy Ian Laperriere…history will be made.


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  1. Jean-Paul

    Wow this posting ended up being quite prophetic. Especially the numbers thing down by 3 seems to be a trend of sorts.

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