A belated Mother’s Day thought

So I’m going to get started today with a couple posts about the weekend’s sporting events and that’s primarily what this blog will be about. However, as we all know, there are other things in life and I’ll try to touch on them when it’s appropriate. Today (and many other times), I’ll tie the two worlds together in a nice pretty bow that should make both the casual reader and the sports nut smile.

Obviously, everyone knows Mother’s Day was yesterday, so I hope everyone spent the day doing everything possible to make Mom feel happy, special and appreciated for at least one day. We should probably not need a special day to appreciate our mothers, but the day does serve as a huge reminder for how unbelievable Mom as been in most of our lives for those times when we might forget.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a big shout out to my Mom and all the other Moms out there, especially for the part she played in developing my love for sports. That’s right, because I think that many of us automatically associate our sports fanaticism with Dad and the bonds formed while learning how to play and enjoy the games we love from the old man. So it’s easy to forget how Mom ran us back and forth to every game, trying never to miss one. It’s easy to forget how Mom was always supportive through bad games, bad teams, and bad efforts. It’s easy to forget how Mom probably spent way too much money on the latest pair of hoops sneaks, the Starter jacket of the team we HAD to have right then, or the new Phillies/Sixers/Flyers/Eagles jersey just to make our birthdays and Christmases special. I know I always had tickets to the games I REALLY wanted to go to and it was Mom that made sure that happened, mostly because Dad knew I probably didn’t deserve it.

Just what we needed right? ANOTHER reason we need to thank our mothers. So Mom, I love you and thanks for everything.

Feel free to share your own stories about how YOUR mom played a huge part in your love for sports, because I know I’m not the only one out there.



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2 responses to “A belated Mother’s Day thought

  1. Anthony DeCarlo

    Impressive stuff Will. I can definitely relate. Mom never missed a game for this Teemu Selanne (yes my favorite hockey player groing up) wannabe. She was there for every shot, every goal, and of course every penalty. My brother and I probably would have missed more than half our games without her shuttling us from Delco to the city 2-3 nights a week. This was a great way to really kick the blog off by giving to credit to where it all began, mom.

    • Thanks to Lite Ant for checking in with his own tribute to Mom. I know we all have stories like this, so hopefully I made more than a few people remember those sacrifices Mom made to get us on the court/field/ice over the years.

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