Video Editing Assignment

After watching the footage over and over again for this assignment, the scene reminded me of the classic Three Stooges episode in which they engage in the massive pie fight. So in honor of the Stooges, (and my old man who passed on his love for them) after editing the video into a coherent story, I dedicated the audio to them. However, after completing the project, while I still found it entertaining, I feared the audio served more as a distraction from what I thought was a pretty high quality editing of the video footage. This was not yet graded before I embedded it my blog so we’ll see if the audio not quite meeting the video’s standards hurt me in the grading process. I thought about just submitting it without audio since the assignment didn’t require it but decided to roll the dice. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this as much as I used to…Happy Birthday Dad.


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  1. E

    I’m impressed. Well done

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