Stills Editing Assignment

For this assignment, I decided to use a humorous approach in relaying the story of two strangers who meet on a bridge. I enjoyed the example we were shown in class, and that was the inspiration for my concept for the film. I decided to use the photos, along with voiceovers, to tell the exact same story twice; only from completely different perspectives. It is meant to be a tongue in cheek commentary on how men and women often have vastly different perspectives on how even the most simple interactions take place. The woman tells her friend about her encounter with the man first, and the story flips over and is heard from the man’ point of view. I tried to use the video editing to really emphasize the storytelling aspect of the film. I used many different types of cuts but only to differentiate between the storytellers in the present and their recollections of the events. Also, in the man’s recollection, I used the different types of cuts to separate the story itself from scenes he might have pictured in his mind. However, while the story was being told, I intentionally used only straight cuts in order to emphasize the story itself and avoid confusion or distraction. The voiceovers were performed by Christina Yendall, a friend of mine, and myself.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the first assignment, I was cautiously happy about the results of my work on this assignment and was thrilled to have my hard work validated with an A from my instructor.


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